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Inclusion System is a fully web-based software program developed specifically for agencies in Canada. Program areas include scheduling, shift filling tools, time-off requests, time verification, manager approvals, payroll services, wage grid customization, general ledger customization, employee online profiles, documentation uploads, training and certification tracking with notifications, employee templates and more! All data is secure and resides in Canada. User names, assigned profiles and passwords within the system determine secure view and edit capabilities. Development includes software upgrades every 8 weeks that are immediately available to users upon login. Customer care is delivered by system experts that understand the complex world of developmental service agencies in all areas.

Main Features:


Shift Bidding


Time Off Requests

Time Tracking

Time Approval

Pay Rule Calculator


Training and Certification Tracking

Customized Reporting

Fill Shifts In A Snap

Change the lives of your on-call managers! ShiftShark automatically generates call lists based on your team’s availability, rules, and schedules to intelligently avoid double bookings and overtime while following your CBA to the letter. Confirm the list, and ShiftShark will send automated messages en masse to your selected team members and display their responses in real time. Assign the shift, and we’ll automatically notify everyone who responded and update your schedule.

ShiftShark has been used to send over 13.5 million messages!

Main Features:


All The Details In One Place

Sorted Exactly How You Need It

Comprehensive Reporting

No Overtime, No Grievances

Unlimited Users

Accessible Across All Devices

Unlimited Customer Support

Free Trial

Right People. Right Place, Right Time

Hear what other agencies are saying about us

“Inclusion really has invested in understanding what we need and what other agencies like us need and their system has really been developed specifically for that purpose.”

– Ruby Reimer, Executive Director at Epic Opportunities

Winnipeg, Manitoba | 305 Employees


North Halton, Ontario | 341 Employees

“Inclusion helps us to be a better agency. We can make changes quicker, we can track things better for our employees… We can actually use better systems to help us do our jobs better.”

– Sara Macleod, Manager of Organizational Development

Moose Jaw, Regina | 79 Employees

“The team they have working at Inclusion is second to none, and the system that they have designed is phenomenal.”

– Valerie Budd-Pritchard, Executive Director

Burlington, Ontario | 346 Employees

“I don’t really like scheduling… at all! However, Inclusion has made it a lot easier and I can now spend time with the people I support. It saved probably 50% of my time at my desk.”

– Bonnie Aura, Residential Manager

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