Empathy driven software built for agencies 

Shaped by over 15 years of listening, Inclusion System helps your agency work better.

We are a group of people who care about agencies, a lot!

We know how important the work you do is and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to do it. Our customizable system is designed specifically for agencies, making life easier by taking care of the scheduling, time tracking, payroll, HR, and reporting tasks that can often be time-consuming and tedious. We want to ease your stress, so you can focus on what’s important – helping others. Let us take care of the details, so you can get back to doing what you do best. We can’t wait to help!

Why Inclusion System?

Built for you, and with you

Inclusion System was designed based on discussions with employees at all levels of agencies in Canada. Whether it’s grievances, CBA rules, awake at night shifts, rotations, stat pay or reporting – we understand and specialize in making your life easier.

One place for everything

We created a system that helps you and your team manage employee details – all in one system. The need for multiple user names, separate passwords, updating different programs, and sorting out how to make disconnected systems “talk” to each other goes away!

Free Trial

We offer a full system free trial. We will train your staff, set-up the system with your rules, data, employee details, schedules and more. We provide live support while you try any and all areas of the system you choose – for up to 90 days. Who does that?

Implementation Success

Inclusion System has created a detailed path to implementation success that includes senior system and agency experts that provide training, process analysis, rules review, project management, hands-on support and weekly reviews. 100% success is not an accident!

How It Works

From working exclusively with agencies we are lucky to have built strong and meaningful relationships that have helped us hone our software and it’s many tools to cover all the bases – scheduling, time tracking, HR, reporting and payroll 

One concern that we hear about again and again from agencies  is how to fill shifts – and make it quick! For this, we created ShiftShark, one of Inclusion Systems’ many tools. ShiftShark fills shifts in a snap, and is built for agency life. It’s super easy to use, saves loads of time and lives up to its legendary status!

Does this sound like you?

Our agency has outgrown excel sheets. We need something more efficient to save us stress and time

Having to constantly scramble to fill last minute shifts is a nightmare! There has to be a better solution

We have too much software! None of our systems interact with each other.  Multiple logins and systems to update are a pain. We need one place for everything

Our employees want better tools.  We need a software that gives us real time, accurate, shared information

Here’s what counts

(see what we did there)


employees paid through our system



ShiftShark messages sent



being served and using the system



spent building a dedicated system



that has left us in the past 5 years 

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