Inspired by you, created together

How it all started…

Way back in 2008 when we got a call from Sue.  After receiving a flyer from a payroll company (clue: it was from us!) she left a voicemail saying she could use some help. With limited details, other than it being an “HR issue,” Big Fish Terry agreed to come out to Sue’s office and witness the trouble firsthand. It was enough to drive anyone to their wits end! Sue, the executive director in a supported-living agency in Winnipeg, felt she was in a living nightmare. One where she found herself and her team regularly crammed into a run down boardroom every second Saturday afternoon trying to sort through paper timesheets.  Five hundred of them, filled out by their 130 employees, who worked across five different locations last week, marked with calculations and scribbles everywhere!  

A process that ate into the time that could have been spent within the community and caring for others. After seeing the chaos first hand Terry knew there had to be a better way. He left thinking “There has to be some way we can help these people.” 

As time went on and Terry got to know the supported-living sector, he found out there were hundreds of organizations engaged in this same selfless effort – advocating for more inclusive opportunities and full lives for the disability community – and many had the same administrative nightmares as Sue. It became clear that these hard-working agencies deserved a system that was just as brilliant as they are. It was time to build the Inclusion System.

A one-stop software to make scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and HR easier for Community Living agencies across Canada. Our goal was to create an easy to use system with free, live support when our community members needed it the most. Over the last 15 years, we have been lucky to work and learn alongside people like Sue to get the Inclusion System to the place it is now. We know that supported-living organizations are unique, and we are committed to continuously developing our system to make their lives easier.

We are in awe of the work the Community Living industry does, and feel privileged and grateful that we get the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s about the people

Adopting a new software program is hard and time-consuming. There  – we said it! Even more, Inclusion System can involve almost everyone in the entire agency. Even more than that, the learning needed is not one day and done. As time moves along, we keep adding to the system and change is also a constant in agencies. There is always more to learn by more people.

A fun fact – we have had one agency leave us in the last five years.

What does all this mean?  if you choose our software, you are going to get our people too – for a long time! 

So wouldn’t it be great to work with people that are… responsive, caring, patient, expert, creative, generous, engaged, organized, approachable, and fun to work with? 

We are proud of and value the relationships we develop with our customers. 



Data Whisperer

  • Book Worm
  • All Around Nerd
  • Home Baker


Pathfinder, Payroll Specialist (PCP)

  • Rescue Dog Mom and Foster
  • Eclectic Crafter
  • Musical Afficionado


Big Fish

  • Karoake Enthusiast
  • Winnipeg Jets Fan – oh the agony!
  • Equal Rights Advocate


Software Developer

  • Foodie
  • Dog lover
  • Casual Swimmer



  • Pet Lover
  • Music Maker
  • Nature Walker


Chief Nerd

  • Reader of Books
  • Walker/Runner of Many Miles
  • University of Youtube Student

Jason Pott

Payroll Specialist

  • Football Coach
  • Travel Lover
  • Movie Fan


Head of Geek Processes

  • Mom
  • Book Worm
  • Nature Enthusiast


Software Fairy

  • Sweet Tooth
  • Experienced Sleepaholic
  • Car-free Walker


Lead Pathfinder

  • Photographer
  • Cat Purrrson
  • Lifelong Learner



  • Quirky Bird
  • Lover of Life
  • Your Next BFF


Head of People & Culture

  • Cat Whisperer
  • Chocolate Lover
  • Love & Care Cultivator


Payroll Specialist

  • Pet Lover
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Music Buff


Vibe Guide

  • Mental Health Advocate
  • Board Game Geek
  • Amateur Violinist


Super Synegizer

  • A Human – Being
  • Lover of horizontal life pauses (naps)
  • Irrational fear of the garbage disposal



  • Plant-a-holic
  • Midnight Thinker
  • Sunset Chaser


Head of Special Ops

  • Dad Geek
  • Cyclist
  • Cat and Dog Lover


Head of the Geeks

  • !(Winter Lover)
  • DIY’er
  • Amateur Pianist


Software Archaeologist

  • Adventurer
  • Wood Worker
  • DIY’er



  • Avid Reader
  • Queen of Clean
  • Piano Player


Full Stack Developer

  • Physics and Astronomy Aficionado
  • Book Worm
  • Manchester United Fan


Workflow Wiz

  • Book Worm
  • Dim Sum Enthusiast
  • Fantasy Football Champion


Customer Care Maestro

  • Sporadic Poet/Writer
  • Happy Helper
  • 90s Music Fan


Full Stack Developer

  • Tech & Coding Geek
  • Flower Planter
  • Snorkeling Enthusiast


System Quality Lead

  • Wanderlust
  • Movie and TV Enthusiast
  • Technology Tinkerer


Full Stack Developer

  • Debugger
  • Casual Gamer
  • Entry Level Musician



  • Road Tripper
  • At Home Rock Star
  • Caring Mother



  • Proud Auntie
  • Health Driven Chef
  • Disability Advocate


Front-End Jedi

  • Coding Mentor
  • Game Design Nerd
  • Coffee Lover


Head Storyteller

  • The Spice Girls number 1 fan
  • Cold water swimmer
  • A Legend



  • Part-time Photographer
  • Super Organizer
  • Apple Genius



  • Podcast & Music Follower
  • Sports Enthusiast
  • Curious Cat



  • Book Enthusiast
  • Handcrafted Creator
  • Academic

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